We've made it easier for everyone to keep in touch with eachother over the years to come...  We are starting an online database of classmates!  Simply click on the link below to add or update your info, and your contact information will be available for all of us to see.  In the form, you can also choose to keep your contact information private.  In any case, it will give us an interactive way of keeping everyone's information current at any time.

Please take a few short minutes to enter your information, and we'll do the rest!    - Thank you!!
Enter your current contact info
Due to several complaints about emails being "phished" from our online class roster, the roster has been deactivated.  If you wish to contact any of our classmates, please send Kelly Canon an email - kjcanon@yahoo.com - and she will contact that classmate for their approval to release their info.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
This is a list of classmates that we can't locate.  If you know how to contact any of these people, please contact Kelly Canon (kjcanon@yahoo.com)

(Those who have passed away since graduation)  If you know of any others, please let Kelly know.

For ALL updates and new information on Classmates, please contact Kelly (and copy Margaret) at the following email addresses:

Kelly (McCutcheon) Canon - kjcanon@yahoo.com
cc: Margaret (McCoy) Lumbatis - magcoylumb@yahoo.com
Lost or Missing Classmates
Deceased Classmates
(Online Form; Information only goes to Kelly McCutcheon Canon & Margaret McCoy Lumbatis)
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